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The Menihan Company, LLC is very small.  There are two of us.  Yet we are able to offer all-encompassing services for our clients. (You will find a partial listing in the Products & Services link) However, that is not what sets us apart. 

What separates us is the lens through which we view the evolution of the financial services industry. The perspective gained from witnessing the unprecedented changes that blew through the industry at the same time we entered the business in the 1980's; watching institutions shift and shuffle their markets; the evolution of new products - both good and bad; and of course, the blizzard of regulations. Most importantly, it is the decades of advising families of all shapes and sizes through economic & investment cycles of all sizes and shapes. 

Our reputation thrives on a high-level of customer satisfaction. When our clients are truly confident in their understanding of the baseline financial issues discussed in our meetings, we have performed our job.  We pledge to execute the plans as soon as all parties are on board.

Most of our new business is referred by existing clients or their professional accounting, trust and legal advisers.  We are currently accepting appointments for exploratory meetings for July and August.