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Welcome to our gallery...

Welcome to our gallery...

We are a financial planning consultancy. We help individuals and families create a rational, orderly financial plan that will allow them to pursue their financial and lifestyle goals with purpose.

We recognize from the beginning that people tend to be emotional about money. Though money is the fuel that powers their current lifestyle and their hopes for the future, the fear of loss is often a stronger motivator than the hope for gain. The resulting reality is that people often end up focused solely on today, with only a vague understanding of their real wants and needs for the future.

No two individuals' emotions about money are the same. No two individuals have had the same exposure to the myriad of products and services in the marketplace.

Our focus is on helping our clients overcome the confusion using three guiding principles – objectivity, clarity, and simplicity.  

We think there's an art to that.



We believe a family's wealth should be managed like a well run business enterprise.  Whether the objective is analyzing tax and cash flow scenarios, financial independence years in the future, liquidity conversion ratios, or exit plans for closely held business owners and managing the risks along the way, the essentials of planning and design begin with the basic navigation tools: a current family balance sheet and the income statements.

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Investing should be objective based.  Whether the investment strategies employed are for incomegrowth or tax, the purpose of the investment should dictate the timeline.  As long as the goal is measured by a target capital dollar number, the yield can be 'backed into', often mitigating unnecessary risks.  Often a greater risk is inattention to the real rate of return, which is net of taxes and inflation.

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Managing risk does not always point to insurance as the obvious solution.  Once again, an analysis of the financials should uncover a variety of risk mitigation strategies:  avoidance, acceptance or risk transfer.  When insurance is called for, access to an independent and global marketplace is critical to identifying the best underwriting and pricing  - a luxury not available to many advisers due to proprietary selling arrangements.  

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The Fine Art of...

The Fine Art of...

Fine Art comes by many definitions. The pieces on display here were chosen for their varied styles - each revealing a free-form creative stroke yet with great attention to detail. In each work, the artist never seems to lose the accuracy of both near and distant lines of perspective...always keeping it real. You know what you're looking at!

Offering financial advice has its challenges. It seems to be spoken in languages unfamiliar. There’s a need for interpretation, some translation, imagination and patience.  So customization must come with attention to detail, and creative thinking, while keeping one's bearings in sight — and never losing perspective.

We look forward to the opportunity to share our method with you personally.

Feel free to browse around. Make yourself comfortable.

- Peter Menihan

What makes us tick

What makes us tick

For more than 35 years, we have aspired to delivering quality, client centered business dealings.  High quality runs in my family, as both of my grandfathers were manufacturers of high end men's and women's clothing.

We believe there will always be a demand for quality goods and services in this country..and enough consumers smart enough to know quality when they see it.

<br />Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Please browse through our library of topical insights related to the services and products available to our clientele. You will find articles, videos and slides filled with information on a variety of subject matter relevant to financial planning and growing wealth.  

While you're browsing for areas of interest, feel free to suggest additional topics you'd like more information about. 

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

— Albert Einstein

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